American Relapse

Co-Director’s Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt share almost 20 years difference in age bringing a unique insight on how to tell this important story. This multigenerational perspective pushes the urgency of the film’s narrative and presents a brutally honest POV.

Adam is an auteur writer/director who’s championed scripted and unscripted projects internationally for the last 5 years. More recently, he worked extensively as senior producer of a gritty-docu-series for A&E networks. Always pushing standards higher, he pours his heart into his work and expects no less of everyone around him.

Pat, a Michigan transplant, has been passionately telling stories in television for over twenty years, both as a showrunner and creator. Recently he's created and sold original documentary projects to National Geographic, Viceland and A&E. Producing both at home and abroad, Patrick has developed a unique area of expertise directing and showrunning in challenging and off-the-grid locations, producing shows in almost every conceivable field location -- underwater, deserted islands, volcanoes, the Arctic and even dense jungles. Whether it’s Nome, Alaska or Palawan, Philippines, he has assembled a talented international production company willing to go wherever the story takes them.

Making American Relapse was an inspired choice for all involved.  As the epidemic rages across America, one thing is strikingly clear; everyone knows someone affected.  
The American Relapse team poured their passion and skill into crafting a raw documentary that offers hope.  


Pat McGee
Adam Linkenhelt

Terry Hahin
Dennis Hill
Devon Collins
Adam Linkenhelt

Executive Producers
Ian Manheimer
Jaime Manheimer
Stacy McPeak
Pat McGee

Line Producer
Keith Plant

Michael Goodman

Camera Operator
Greg Taylor

Sound Recordist
Jimmy Sieczka

Post Sound
Woody Woodhall

Original Score
Dennis Hill

Featuring Music by

Devon Collins
Rick Okray